Our website is a platform that allows you to use the information to create polls. The users disclose their personal opinion while taking part in such voting subjects and, hence, privacy is of utmost concern to us. For safety reasons, we ensure that the information given by our users is encrypted and safe. However, if the users directly reveal their personal information on the voting subject in the form of questions, answers, comments, etc, they have to take responsibility for the same. As for the rest, our website uses secure means such as HTTPS to protect data. We also use tools like Google Analytics and use cookies for increasing the level of privacy protection.

• Use of Cookies: Our website makes the use of cookies to benefit our users. With the help of cookies, we are able to track the browser which the user is surfing on. We can locate where the device is which helps us deviate content to the user from that geographical zone. We can receive the browsing history which helps us to know the kind of content the user likes and show polls that are more relevant to the search history. All the data that are stored using cookies are in the encrypted format. The collected data is not shared and the privacy of our users is kept intact. We only use this data to help our users get a better experience on our website.

• Use of Google Analytics: We take the help of Google Analytics to find out useful information that helps us to keep track of user experience. With the help of Google Analytics tools, we keep track of the traffic drawn by every poll on our website. After analyzing the kind of content that is bringing more traffic to our website, we try to increase the volume of such content to attract our users. Google Analytics helps us to check the traffic density flowing from every country. This geographical analysis helps us upload content based out of the place from where we receive maximum traffic. There are many more analytical parts and using such information, we help our end users make the best out of our website.

• Use of Secure HTTPS: Our website uses HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) to protect the information of our users. While the users are browsing the website, their information is stored after encryption and any middleman activity, if any, gets detected immediately. The data authentication used on our website helps our users to use the website freely without having to worry about hackers. As far as transferring data is concerned, the data transfer takes place for security purposes without the interference of outside elements. Thus, no kind of modification is enabled on the data as long as it is unintentional. The secure HTTPS on our website helps our users to browse on our website without worrying and builds a stronger level of trust.

• Use of Revocation of Consent: We understand that protecting your personal information is our primary concern. We try to help you choose the type of data you would like to keep private by allowing you to express your consent. There are certain pieces of information that we ask along with your consent. If you would like to keep the information to yourself, you can revoke the request and the data will not be transferred in that case.

• Use of Website Publicly: Our website is meant for everyone. Hence, our users need to initiate the request for a poll wisely. If the user purposely reveals personal information on the poll question, we will not be able to hide and protect that data. Even while expressing the views through comments, if the users reveal personal information, they have to take the sole responsibility.